Monday, August 22, 2016

August 2016: No ZALU meeting convened in August

Because no ZALU meeting was convened in August 2016, 
the July meeting minutes are not yet available.

Friday, July 15, 2016

June 2016 ZALU Meeting Minutes

June 8, 2016
In attendance: Chuck Anderson, Bob Bajandas, Lira Johnson, Mary Martin, Stephen Peterson, Leah Stewart
Absent: Ken Maguire
General discussion was held on the short term rental ordinance. No action taken.   
Will continue to monitor
General discussion on changes to commercial uses within TNZD.  No action taken.  
Will continue to monitor.
The realtor letter was discussed.  Have asked Eric Cowley to check into.
1025 South 2nd Street - it has been stated that this property will become a rehab center.   Bob Bajandas will discuss this use with Brian Mawbry as there are many questions about it being allowed in the TNZD.  Bob will report at next ZALU meeting.

Minutes prepared by
Chuck Anderson

Friday, May 13, 2016

March 2016 ZALU Meeting Minutes (out of order)

ZALU Meeting 03/09/2016 @ 7:00 PM

Members in attendance 

Chuck Anderson
Mary Martin
Bob Bajandas
Lira Johnson
Eric Cowley
Ken McGuire

Stephen Peterson
Leah Stewart

Meeting called to order @ 7:10 PM

February 2016 Minutes Approved with changes

LG&E Building Rehabilitation (Status Update):
See email from Bill Weyland to Bajandas No issues with opening of cap

Liquor License Applications: Should ZALU pursue Liquor Licensing issues, Anderson to send out ZALU Charter
TNZD (Status Update): Brian Mabry sent out changes

New Business: Two instances of residences currently advertised as “home for rent” while being used as multi- family. Are non-conforming rights negated by advertising as prior mentioned? Can a property transfer back to non-conforming multifamily use? Approximately 1600 Block of S 4th Street and a duplex on approximate 1700 block of S 2nd Street. Check Anderson to request clarification to Steve Hendricks —Mary Martin to supply Chuck Anderson with specific information on the situations.

Possibility of a new ZALU Member?

Motion to adjourn at 7:48P

May 2016 ZALU - No meeting

April 2016 ZALU Meeting minutes (out of order)

ZALU Meeting 04/13/2016 @ 7:00 PM
Meeting called to order @ 7:04 PM
March 2016 Minutes Approved without changes
TNZD (reference attachment 1 — Email from Brian Mabry) two issues with proposed changes
Motion to support correction in referenced email passed unanimously. (initiated by Mary
Martin seconded by Ken McGuire)
Short Term Rental Ordinance (reference attachment 2 — Staff Report from April 11, 2016 Meet-
Several houses west of the Rudyard Kipling are bringing up questions on appropriateness. All
work has been cleared by landmarks and permits in place.
Text amendment and mapping changes minutes from Brian Mabry — Watch for next meeting
and maintain those changes in the minutes are ONLY those changes presented to Metro Coun-

Motion to adjourn at 7:56 PM

Feb 2016 ZALU Meeting minutes (out of order)

ZALU Meeting 02/10/2016 @ 7:00 PM

Chuck Anderson
Mary Martin (Absent)
Bob Bajandas
Stephen Peterson
Lira Johnson (Absent)
Eric Cowley
Leah Stewart

Old Louisville Zoning and Land Use [ZALU] committee
February 10, 2016
Meeting called to order @ 7:01 PM

January 2016 Minutes Approved

LG&E Lot
Engineer to be contacted & Open Records Requested from KY to discover reasoning be hind fresh topsoil and concrete demo

1608 S 2ND Street
Large gravel which has deemed as a non-conforming use.  To be reported to 311

RPM Development
New Development Company

Student Housing on Hill between 2nd and 3rd
Low Income Tax Credit Development may have approximately 20 years remaining prior to tax credit expiration.  University students are specifically exempted from applying for these properties.

New Business
Eric Cowley set up auto notification to David Williams’ email to notify all new listings in Old Louisville to send out realtor letters.

Motion to adjourn at 7:47

Saturday, March 26, 2016

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